The following names are the American Revolutionary Patriots of the current Daughters of Narcissa Prentiss chapter, NSDAR:

Abbreviations for Patriot Service Ranks

BGEN — Brigadier General CAPT — Captain CS — Civil Service
COL — Colonel CPL — Corporal ENS — Ensign
LT — Lieutenant LTCOL — Lieutenant Colonel MAJ — Major
PS — Patriot Service PVT — Private SGT — Sergeant
SA - Sailor SOL — Soldier  

Elias Lew, PVT, New York
Abraham Burdick, PVT, Pennsylvania
Abraham June PVT, New York
Bernardo Miera Y. Pacheco, PS, SA
Elias Plew PVT, New York
Ezra Chaffee, CAPT, Connecticut/Vermont
James McKibben, CS PS, Pennsylvania
Jacob Conrad Bittenbender, ENS, Pennsylvania
Jacob Harper, PS, Virginia
John Adams, Sr., PVT, Massachusetts
John Broady, Hero in Battle of King's Mountain
John McPhetters, PVT, Virginia
John Wikoff, PVT, New York
Nicholas Gentry, PS, Virginia
Nicholas Long, Sr., PVT, Pennsylvania
Robert Barnett, CAPT, Virginia
Thomas Rockhill, PS, New Jersey
Titus Travis, PVT, New York
William Lowther CS, MAJ, Virginia
William Hutchins, Sr., Capt, Vermont
William Oldfield, New York

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